Get to know  Ace Kiwi sandals

We discriminately source quality hand-crafted products from skilled artisans in East and West Africa and take the time to curate them in an aesthetically pleasing manner, so your experience is the same as purchasing from your favorite reputable online store. 

We have started with a limited assortment of sandals to perfect your experience, but will be adding many more products as we grow.


You're stylish, modern with a bold personality.  You don't mind standing out from the rest.  You like to hear "that looks great on you, where did you get that?" You like to say something exotic, like, "it's hand made in Sierra Leone".  Or, you may just like our unique fashionable pieces that accentuate your more conservative wardrobe.  Either way, we believe you will find something you love in our collection.

Best of all, you want to know that what you wear makes an impact on the lives of others, positively.  "Yeah, the site I purchased this pair of sandals from gives back to the community where it was made".  


So share with your friends and keep coming back for more.  We're just getting started and need you to grow so we can bring you even more "Stylish African Fashion".  Purchase something.

 Also, we love to see how you style our sandals, tag us on social media @chicsalone  #chicsalone and tell a friend.

"Thank you"

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Ace Kiwi Sandal